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Up-and-in Vacuum Conveyor


Appcon's up-and-in vacuum conveyor is designed to allow for the safe and ergonomic addition of dry bulk products from a variety of sources to a variety of destinations.    


Source Options:

  • Bulk Bag Discharger

  • Bag Dump Station

  • Wand with Tote Tipper

  • Basic Hopper


System Base Capabilities:

  • Conveys most products 75 to 100 ft

  • Convey rates up to 50 PPM

  • Accurate feeding with loss-in-weight/gravimetric feeders

  • Quick take-apart components for cleaning


Material Handling Applications:

  • Feeding of batch reactors

  • Feeding of batch mixers/blenders

  • Feeding of continuous mixing processes

  • Feeding of extruders

  • Feeding of packaging equipment

  • Use in applications where quick change-over and/or cleaning are required

Up-And-In With Bag Dump Station
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