Powder Process Convey Equipment, Systems & Solutions


Appcon Systems and Capabilities


Pneumatic Conveying

Vacuum dilute phase, vacuum dense phase, pressure dilute phase, and pressure dense phase pneumatic conveying methods 


Mixing & Blending

Ribbon blenders, fluidizing paddle mixers, plow blenders, tumble blenders, V blenders, vertical cone mixers, etc.


Mechanical Conveying

Screw conveyors, screw feeder, vibratory trays, vibratory tubes, belt conveyors, horizontal motion conveyors, bucket elevators, etc.

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Central Vacuum 

Help keep operator working areas and production areas clean and free of unsanitary or hazardous dust


Batching Systems

Multiple ingredient batching systems capable of consistent and accurate scaling to high accuracies


Dust Collection

From sanitary to industrial grade and large scale general aspiration to highly specified smaller scale custom applications

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Packaging and Filling

Efficiently and safely fill bulk bags, small bags, pouches, in a variety of environments utilizing a variety of technologies

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Process Automation

Sophisticated system controls to allow for varying levels of process automation within an industrial production facility