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Bulk Bag Fillers


Bulk bag fillers are utilized in powder processing and production facilities to accurately and rapidly fill large bags in a manner that minimizes dust in the processing environment. Appcon specializes in supplying a wide variety of bulk bag filling systems, ranging from very simple stand alone fillers for low volume filling, to automated systems for higher volume, more complex applications.  We offer a comprehensive range of standard and custom bulk bag discharging systems, providing exactly what you need for bulk bag filling success.

Features and Benefits:

  • Robust bag support frames

  • Fill spouts with inflatable bladder for dust tight seal to bag inlet

  • Load cell scale kit or platform scale available

  • Bag inflation system

  • Bag densification system

  • Numerous infeed equipment options

  • Forklift, pallet truck, or pallet jack bag removal configurations available

  • Automated conveyor pallet removal systems

  • Modular, adjustable frame to allow for use with different height bags

  • Dust collection ports in fill spout

  • Automatic bag loop release system

  • Controls packages available for automated systems

  • USDA, food grade, and industrial construction available

  • Stainless steel and painted steel materials of construction

  • Completely custom systems and configurations available

Bulk Bag Filling Station Below Hopper
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