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Appcon has extensive knowledge and experience handling powders and dry bulk materials across a wide variety of industries and a diverse range of processing environments.


Our engineers are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to design the most efficient, ergonomic, and operator friendly process.

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At Appcon, we take care of all of our customers' needs throughout all stages of the project from design and approval to fabrication and installation. 

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Spare parts are a vital element to any powder processing and conveying system. They are essential for maintaining long-term system performance and efficiency of powder processing and conveying applications. 


Our team delivers some of the best on-site support in the industry. As experienced veterans, we fully understand the importance of new line/system start-up and training. 


Every process system is only as strong as it's weakest link. A system performance audit is a great way to discover beneficial minor adjustments to get a system performing at top notch. 

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