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Conveying System Components


Appcon has extensive experience designing new systems and retro fitting older outdated systems with new conveying components to maximize efficiency and productivity. In addition to our own products, we have established relationships with many of the best known manufacturers in the industry. 
Pneumatic conveying systems utilize many different components to function as efficiently as possible. Often times, existing pneumatic conveying systems can be tweaked and tuned to maximize efficiency. Knowing how to select and size the proper conveying components for an application can greatly improve existing systems that are performing poorly, as well as maximize productivity of new systems. 

Conveying System Components Available:

  • Convey line divert valves - many different styles, pressure and vacuum rated

  • Convey tubing, bends, compression couplings, and pick-up wands

  • Slide gates

  • Butterfly valves

  • Air coolers and heaters

  • Dehumidification systems - desiccant and other

  • Air purged seals

  • Explosion vent panels, flameless vents, and chemical suppression/isolation systems

  • Variety of air filters - paper, polyester, and HEPA elements

  • Convey tubing and compression couplings

  • Fill/pass valves

  • Iris valves

  • Vibration motors

  • Various vacuum/pressure gauges

  • Gravity divert valves - "K" and "Y" style

  • USDA, food grade, and industrial construction available

  • Stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, and painted steel materials of construction

Pneumatic Conveying Component
Diverter Valve
Slide Gate
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