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Bag Unloading

Appcon offers a variety of bag unloading solutions for an array of processing environments and dry bulk material handling applications.


In numerous facilities across the world, dry bulk materials and powders are received in smaller paper bags (usually 30-50 pounds) and/or super sacks or bulk bags (usually 1000-3000 pounds). It is imperative that operators delivering product from these containers into facility process have access to equipment that allows them to execute daily duties without risk of injury, while also providing an effective and efficient means of material introduction. 


Our years of experience in the field and extensive understanding of industrial process bag unloading have equipped us with the knowledge and expertise to assess your application and choose the solution that best suits your needs. Appcon has experience handling a wide variety of powders across the food, dairy, chemical, and plastics industry. 

Bulk Bag Discharging

Bulk bag dischargers represent a safe, reliable way to deliver product from a super sack or bulk bag into a process. There are a variety of bulk bag discharger configurations and options available including: 


  • Simple, ergonomic design

  • Dust tight connection between bag and discharge spout

  • Integral hoist/trolley configurations

  • Bag nesting configurations

  • Bag agitation 

  • Integral dust collection available

  • Screw conveyor discharge for dosing

  • Discharge into pneumatic convey line 

  • Load cells for loss-in-weight dosing systems

  • Integral 50 pound bag dump station

  • Sifters, magnets, metal detectors, and lump breakers available

  • USDA, food grade, and industrial construction

  • Stainless steel and painted steel frames


Small Paper Bag Discharging

Bag dump stations are used in powder processing plants to contain dust during the dumping of paper bags, boxes, or other smaller containers. Containing dust and fines within the dump station results in a much safer plant environment while also increasing production yield by providing a more efficient process.

These stations can be configured to dispense powder to the process through a wide variety of methods. Small bag dumping station configurations and options available include:


  • Simple, robust, ergonomic design
  • Oversized bag counter
  • Hinging access door with lift assist
  • Remote or self contained dust collection units
  • Dual operator units
  • Rare Earth magnetic grates available
  • Discharge directly into pneumatic convey line 
  • Sifter, magnet, feeder, and lump breaker discharge configurations
  • USDA, food grade, and industrial construction available
  • Stainless steel and painted steel materials of construction
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