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Appcon Products

We guarantee our products will improve the safety and efficiency of any processing application. Our equipment is built to meet and exceed quality and finish standards for a variety of operating environments.


Bulk bag dischargers and unloaders for food and USDA dairy applications


Bag dump stations for food and USDA dairy applications. Simple, robust, ergonomic designs.


Filter receivers are used in pneumatic conveying systems to separate air from solids at the destination of the convey system

Appcon 18152 (7).jpg

Hygienic, robust vacuum and pressure blower packages


Feeders & Screw Conveyors

Simple, economic way to mechanically transport powders at low or high rates

Flex Conveyor.jpg

Mechanically transports powders and dry ingredients over relatively short distances


Sifters, Scalpers and Screeners

Sifters/ Scalpers/ Screeners have the ability to remove and separate foreign or hazardous material from a process, classify and screen products within a process


Loss-in-Weight Feeders

Appconvey feeders can be utilized in applications to accurately dose/meter very small or large amounts of powder continuously or intermittently into a process


Vacuum convey system designed to allow for safe, ergonomic addition of dry bulk products from a variety of sources to a variety of destinations

Storage Hoppers & Silos for dry and bulk material products. Built to Food and USDA dairy standards


Rotary airlock discharge valve delivers powders in a controlled manner in pressurized or ambient environments at a wide range of process rates


Dust Collection

Provides your production facility with the ability to control, collect, and dispose of nuisance dust in an efficient and safe manner


Butterfly Valves & Slide Gates

Butterfly Valves/ Slide Gates regulate flow of powder, liquids, and air in processing applications


Magnetically remove ferrous contaminants to ensure product safety and prevent equipment failures

bin vent.jpg

Standard, modular, and custom bin vents designed to maximize filtration efficiency and minimize energy consumption


Pneumatic conveying systems utilize many different components to function as efficiently as possible. Click below to see a listing of conveying system components that are available


Automatic and manual point samplers provide a solution for product sampling without production interruptions


Bulk bag fillers are utilized in powder processing and production facilities to accurately and rapidly fill large bags in a manner that minimizes dust in the processing environment

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