Blower Packages


Blower packages are the engine of a pneumatic conveying system. They provide the motive air for transfer of powders through a convey line. Blowers are offered by Appcon individually, or as part of a system. Appcon's engineering team is capable of providing an appropriately sized blower package for optimum pneumatic convey system performance and efficiency.
Appcon specializes in building hygienic, robust vacuum and pressure blower packages. We offer a comprehensive range of standard and custom blower packages to fit your plant's processing requirements.

Blower Package Features and Benefits:

  • Packages utilizing top manufacturer blowers and motors

  • -16" HG vacuum and 15 PSI pressure PD blower package operational range

  • Robust steel bases to allow for easy maintenance and inspection, white or Steel-it paint 

  • Ventilated drive guards

  • Chambered inlet/outlet silencers

  • Mechanical pressure/vacuum relief valves and check valves

  • Optional pressure/vacuum transmitters - analog output

  • Wide variety of high vacuum pumps from top manufacturers for dense phase systems

  • Economical regenerative blowers

  • Blower/aftercooler skid systems available

  • Intake air filters