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Appconvey Loss-in-Weight Feeders


Appconvey Feeders provide production facilities with the ability to dose powders continuously in a volumetric, gravimetric, or loss-in-weight manner. These feeders can be utilized in a variety of applications to accurately meter small to large amounts of powder continuously or intermittently into a process. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Appconvey Feeder product line - volumetric and gravimentric feeders

  • Simple, robust, ergonomic design

  • Models can be disassembled without the use of tools

  • Modular designs for process flexibility

  • Full and/or variable pitch flighting

  • Flighting continuously welded to center shaft

  • Equipment and controls packages available

  • Non-proprietary load cell scale controller system

  • Variety of hopper sizes and configurations

  • Air purged seals

  • Belt, direct, and chain drive configurations available

  • Hopper agitator and/or vibration available for difficult materials

  • USDA, food grade, and industrial construction available

  • Stainless steel and painted steel materials of construction

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