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Powder Processing Solutions


Our team has years of experience engineering and designing powder process and dry bulk material convey equipment and systems. We pride ourselves on providing the absolute highest level of service. 

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Appcon offers a variety of equipment for unloading small bags, 3000+ pound bags, and everything in between.

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We offer batching systems for a wide range of applications, ingredients and ingredient sources.


Appcon has extensive experience with both positive pressure and vacuum conveying systems in both dilute and dense phases.


Screw conveyors, vibratory conveyors, and horizontal motion conveyors can all be well utilized in a powder processing environment.


50 pound bags and super sacks are very common types of containers used to transport powders in an industrial processing environment. 


Our team of engineers is equipped with the experience and tools to provide a pragmatic process solution on time and under budget.  


Central vac systems help processing facilities provide their operators a clean, dust-free work environment. 


Appcon has the resources to address excessive dust accumulation during the powder handling process. 


Up-and-in conveyors are designed to allow for safe ergonomic conveying and delivery of dry bulk products to a variety of destinations.

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Our controls engineers have years of experience working with powder processing and provide complete equipment and controls packages. 

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