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Open Positions:

Mechanical Designer

Our mission at Appcon is to provide high quality, state of the art powder process and conveying equipment and solutions. We strive to deliver simple, elegant, cost-effective solutions for the bulk powder processing industry. Service is paramount at Appcon. Our commitment to our customers is unmatched as we strive to offer the foremost project experience from purchase order to commissioning. 

Appcon is currently seeking a full-time designer to join our engineering team. This position provides a unique opportunity to work alongside our existing team of engineers in a fast-paced, innovation focused environment. Responsibilities will include designing state of the art processing and conveying equipment and systems including bag unloading, batch systems, pneumatic conveying, mechanical conveying, packaging, dust collecting, and more. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design and detail drawings of equipment and systems for projects in SolidWorks and AutoCAD applications. 

  • Develop PID's, complete with motor HP's, component power specifications, and utility requirements. 

  • Select mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical components. 

  • Communicate with fabrication shops during design and build of equipment. 

  • Visit fabrication shops and customer sites to evaluate and support Appcon equipment. 

  • Participate in research and development of cutting-edge industry technology. 


  • Experience utilizing SolidWorks. 

  • Minimum of an Associate Degree program focused on engineering, mechanical designing, or mechanical drafting. 

  • Strong engineering acumen and technical ability. 

  • Open minded, creative, and willingness to learn. 

  • Self-motivated and competitive. 

  • Possess team dynamic skills (i.e. communication, accountability, decision making, feedback, meeting management, and conflict management). 

Are you or someone you know interested? Connect with our team today.
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