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Pressure Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying


Pressure dense phase pneumatic conveying is commonly used in applications that move an abrasive or easily degradable dry product. The pressure dense phase pneumatic conveying system moves the product in a high-pressure, low-velocity environment. Products that need to be handled gently and efficiently and conveyed over longer distances ( > 200 Feet), are best suited for a pressure dense phase pneumatic conveying system.


Some pressure dense phase pneumatic conveying system characteristics/options include:

  • Dense phase transmitter to prepare product for pressure transfer

  • Filter/receiver at destination to separate air and conveyed product - many configurations

  • Discharge valve based on process requirements - butterfly valve, rotary airlock, slide gate

  • Batch or continuous process based on process requirements

  • Convey line air injectors to aid in conveying and to reduce chances of system plug

  • Slug product flow through convey line

  • Multiple destinations or multiple sources (divert valves and/or source selection valves)

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