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Pressure dilute phase convey systems are best suited for applications requiring transfer of powders when product degradation, abrasiveness, and segregation are not major concerns.  Products are conveyed at higher velocities with higher air volumes and lower air pressures in a continuous or batch manner.  Some pressure dilute phase convey system characteristics/options are:


  • Inlet air cooling/heating or dehumidification

  • HEPA air filtration after blower/prior to product contact

  • Multiple destinations or multiple sources (divert valves and/or source selection valves)

  • Equipment to meter product into convey line - rotary airlock or feeder

  • Filter/receiver at destination to separate air and conveyed product - many configurations

  • Cyclone receivers to separate granular products, fines, and air

  • Discharge valve based on process requirements - butterfly valve, rotary airlock, slide gate

  • Positive displacement blowers, two or three lobe configurations available - availability to top manufacturers

  • Batch or continuous process based on process requirements

Pressure Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying

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