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Vacuum Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Vacuum dilute phase conveying is a great way to move powders when product degradation, abrasiveness, and segregation are not major concerns.  Products are conveyed at higher velocities with higher air volumes and lower air pressures in a continuous or batch manner. 


Some vacuum dilute phase convey system characteristics/options include:

  • Inlet air cooling/heating or dehumidification

  • Multiple destinations or multiple sources (divert valves and/or source selection valves)

  • Equipment to meter product into convey line - rotary airlock or feeder

  • Filter/receiver at destination to separate air and conveyed product - many configurations

  • Cyclone receivers to separate granular products, fines, and air

  • Discharge valve based on process requirements - butterfly valve, rotary airlock, slide gate

  • Positive displacement blowers, two or three lobe configurations available

  • Batch or continuous process based on process requirements

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